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Theresa May: Worth More Than a Billion Trumps

If there’s one woman we all need to pay attention to these days, it’s Theresa May – prime minister and new poster girl for environmental superhero. The amazing Ms. May is dead set on doing everything she possibly can do create real and lasting change for the environment – which is 1000x more than what anyone could expect from the incredibly-still-in-denial-about-environmental-degradation President Trump.

From the small things like a proposal to create plastic-free aisles in supermarkets to pushing forth a 25-year environmental plan, there clearly is no avenue that the prime minister wouldn’t explore in the name of creating a better future for all. Ms. May is especially concerned about today’s children and their lack of opportunity to be outside, which is what is clearly needed for a generation to really care about saving the environment. Investments in school-based programs are also set to roll out so that educational institutions will initiate and maintain green initiatives and make them part of the curriculum. Education should not just be limited to the contents of textbooks but is in fact out there in the real world, with environmental awareness as its foundation – something that the good prime minister is clearly communicating.

Her long-term plan for saving the environment is very clearly detailed in a logical and hard-to-miss manner. One must hope that not only will everything be carried out to the letter, but also emulated in other nations across the world. Daring to dream further will include the emergence of other Theresa Mays in the world so that there will be more efforts made by people who have the political clout to push for an environment-centric agenda that will save not just this generation but the next as well. In the meantime, we continue to support her special push for habitant and wildlife preservation and spread awareness on its importance as well as impact on humans.



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