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Thanks in part due to your activism to better the planet, here is some of the latest good news from 2020: 

The end of oil is near:

  1. Investment in renewable energy is 50x higher than fossil fuel energy.

  2. Oil tankers are sitting idly along coasts as consumption wanes.

  3. Many countries aim to be at net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Trees may be the secret weapon against Climate Change:

  1. This important carbon sink has received more attention recently as deforestation efforts have been challenged more publicly ("ancient", tropical trees play a disproportionate role in cleaning the air).

  2. Many efforts are on-going to plant millions and even billions (maybe even trillions) of trees and are seeing much success.

Honeybee numbers increasing in some states:

  1. Increased efforts to reduce pesticides are helping our pollinators to thrive.

  2. The global concern of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) from pesticide use is justified, but we should remain optimistic as some states saw as much as 75% more bee colonization from 2018 to 2020.


Single-Use Plastics seen as harmful across a larger stage and production likely slowing:

  1. 7 Caribbean Countries banning them on Jan 1, 2021.

  2. Styrofoams included in Caribbean Single-Use Plastic Ban, and many places disallow the production of styrofoam and promote the use of long-term use containers as a replacement.


  1. Countless tons of CO2 saved from release into atmosphere due to use of renewable energy.

  2. Millions of trees planted.

  3. Countless tons of plastic prevented from creation due to re-use of materials and reduction in demand for plastic.

  4. Oil pipelines seeing much friction from easy development.

  5. A Green New Deal likely going to be the centerpiece of the Biden Administratino as Bold Climate Action is the new administration's top priority, thanks to progressives.


Good News

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