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The Inconvenient Truth About Polar Bears

If you haven’t yet seen the video of the emaciated polar bear wandering about, dying and in search of food, you’re probably living under a rock or not giving a hoot about what climate change is doing to other living things on Earth.

And these are regal animals, taking only the resources it needs. Sadly however, the majestic creature is the latest victim of man’s incomprehensible need to do just the opposite – soon, it will be too late to save these special animals.

The fact is, climate change’s devastating effect on earth has resulted in longer summers for polar bears that live in places where ice is seasonal. This has a very serious repercussion on the kind of marine life that polar bears rely on for sustenance. With their marine diet on the rapid decline, the poor animals have resorted to munching on found objects that do nothing but deliver more harm to their already declining health.

Critics will argue that a single photo does not paint the entire story, but we believe that one image is a powerful enough evidence that shows us where we are headed eventually. If we care about saving the environment and its other inhabitants, we thereby save our own selves. In fact, these photos are so commonplace that this argument couldn't be farther from the truth.

In terms of efforts, there is a lot to be praised such as the shrinking ozone later, newer and greener technologies that put a primer on zero emissions, and a renewed effort in fostering real and lasting environmental change. Alongside all of these, what’s missing is a concentrated effort to do more to restore the polar bear’s habitats – protecting it, keeping it clean, monitoring it – lest they become as extinct as the dodo birds. Surely, it would be nice to point out these creatures in the wild to our children’s children – in real time, and not just in books about ages past.

We must continue to support the EPA and strict regulations on emissions so that we don't overload our natural carbon sinks.

We must make honest attempts to eat less red meat (see also: your own health) and making the switch to a fuel-efficient vehicle (they will all be all-electric soon, anyway).

Fortunately, the Green Movement is strong and we can (and will) create Earth 2.0--a place where global warming slows or stops and we don't have to worry about greedy oil companies removing nature's sanctity from this beautiful place.

What if we were in danger of losing animals closer to home?

Are we so detached from reality, and this animal, that we don't care or attempt to preempt it's extinction because of lack of familiarity?

Our public policies need to begin to take on a pro-Earth slant--not just on the left, but on the right. It's a universal issue now.

What happens when climate change starts to take hold of our local climates and the nature therein? If you would make changes then, why not start today?



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