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Trump’s Withdrawal from The Paris Climate Agreement: Pure Folly

What is both obviously disheartening and unsurprising is this year’s climate change letdown in the form of Trump’s announcement that the United States is pulling out the climate change agreement, stating that the deal outlines terms that will put the United States at a disadvantage over other nations.

It’s not the most surprising thing to ever come out of the leader of the free world’s mouth, but it’s also one more thing that baffles many about this current administration. It appears that the only thing that this statement results into is how President Trumps has a very small lens with which he uses to focus things on – namely, only about America.

That would have been perfectly fine if the United States was a planet all on its own, of course. However, as a key player in the entire global warming problem it would be difficult to ignore the effects of US manufacturing industries on overall climate change. It would also be very selfish on the part of this nation to do as it pleases and let the rest of the world carry its burden.

It is impossible to get real and lasting results done with this man at the helm, and what’s really incredulous is how the majority of the Republicans still believe that he is out to “Make America Great Again”. The real issue here is how President Trump is no more than a slave to corporations that offer him opportunities in exchange for further destroying the world. He is using the idea of building jobs and establishing economic security as his primary driving force in making decisions that go above and beyond himself and the United States, and the rest of his followers are too blind to notice the wool being pulled over their eyes. He has hired Rex Tillerson, the most inefficient Secretary of State ever, who has proposed cutting down thousands of jobs to make things better, and who hired a CEO to revamp the department only to quit three months later.

One thing’s for sure though: Donald Trump is a force to be reckoned with, and the sad thing is that the global environmental community is suffering as a result.



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