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The Future of Solar Energy: Right Within Our Reach

We’re living in a time where solar energy is more than just a fairy tale but is actually unfolding in front of us at a very good rate. All over the world, more and more nations are not just seeing the benefits of solar energy but are actually putting what they know into practice. In devastated Puerto Rico, a children’s hospital was still able to service its citizens thanks to the installment of solar energy panels that allow it to be fully operational. California continues to raise the bar and exceed its own performance in hitting renewable energy targets. Meanwhile, India is investing and expanding into the wind and solar power industry to not just mitigate climate change, but also to help decrease poverty rates by generating more than 330,000 jobs with this.

This is good news for all because then solar energy will become more widespread across the world. It will go beyond an individual passionate advocate’s personal efforts into harnessing it as his contribution to a cleaner earth. More than that, it will one day become the new normal which has nothing but good news for both the private and public industries – and the entire world. Indeed, the future of solar energy is brighter than ever.



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