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Saving Big and Going Green With Solar Panel Phone Chargers

We carry our phones around with us like it’s an extra appendage so it’s not surprising to note that batteries will run out and people will need some way to stay connected on backup power. Enter the mobile phone battery pack – a nifty little device that promises several hours of extra juice when we’re on the go and unable to plug in to a wall socket.

What’s good about this industry though is we’re now seeing more and more solar panel phone chargers saturating the market. These are great alternatives to your regular phone battery packs, which we bring around with us all the time. They work with both Android and iOS devices and some even have extra features like a built-in flashlight, several USB ports or a compass – perfect to use when there is an emergency, or simply when out exploring the great outdoors.

The beauty of using solar panel phone chargers is that you can literally refill your juice even when you are nowhere near a wall socket. And even if you are, you don’t need to connect to it. You can leave your solar charger by the window where the sun shines brightest. While it can take up to eleven hours to fully charge your pack, at least you know you didn’t consume electricity (or burn coal) in order to do so.

While it is true that there are some limitations when it comes to using solar panel phone chargers (ex. not being able to charge when it is cloudy outside, differences in conversion rates among varied types of solar panels), it is good to have an option like this on hand – an option that gently eases us out of some small habits that consume electricity while harnessing natural sources at the same time.

If there’s something new that you can do to pitch in and save Mother Earth, it would be to get yourself one of these solar panel phone chargers. You’ll reduce electricity consumption, shave a bit off your electricity bill, and take full advantage of natural sources of power. Just check these out and get your solar journey started today.


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